Receive highly accurate data on ore characterization – in real time

Plotlogic integrates machine learning with hyperspectral imaging technology to deliver highly accurate, real-time ore grade and quality information.

Our systems identify key variations from the mine’s geological model – providing real-time information which improves the recovery of ore, and reduces waste and process variation.

Not just data – receive a real time decision support system

Findings are delivered in real time, as a Decision Support System (DSS) which includes alerts to management of variation and updates to the mine geological model.

  • Inform mining processes
  • Achieve cost efficiencies
  • Improve ore recovery
  • Potential revenue uplift

All Plotlogic systems integrate with the mine’s existing workflows and data capture processes.

There are a range of on-site and off-site services available, including installation, operation, support analytics, and maintenance.

Improve short and medium term mine planning and operations

  • Bulk Logistics – ensures bulk logistics schedules can be delivered and risks highlighted early
  • Informs materials handling – for ore handling and processing operations
  • Supports efficient plant set-up – supports changes to wash plant configuration to get the most out of poor-quality coal
  • Identifies bottle necks – identifies triggers that could cause process bottle necks.
  • Stockpile management – improves the stockpile management strategy
  • Automates coal handling – assisting with the automation of coal handling and washing processes.

Plotlogic Systems


OreSense® LV

  • Proprietary technology
  • Reduces re handling
  • Noninvasive
  • Semi-autonomous
  • Fast/efficient

Ease of deployment: Noninvasive, semi-autonomous

OreSense® LV uses hyperspectral imaging technology, combined with lidar and GPS, for accurate model development to identify key variations from the mine’s geological model.

OreSense® LV can be deployed within 2 months of order.

Product Development Pipeline

3 phases of development

Phase 1

  • Non-invasive, semi-autonomous
  • OreSense® LV – vehicle mounted

Phase 2

  • Non-invasive, semi-autonomous
  • OreSense®Oresense HME – mounted on mining shovel
  • OreSense® OTC – mounted on conveyor belt
  • OreSense® UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) based geological modelling
  • OreProbe™ – downhole logging tool for blast optimisation

Phase 3

  • Non-invasive, fully autonomous
  • OreSense® Autonomous – integrated control of an autonomous shovel, using hyperspectral imaging technology for real-time knowledge of the material, as mining occurs.

Application Program Interfaces (APIs)



Provides real time alerts to positive or negative variations.

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Greater control and predictive power over the entire planning process.

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Other Systems Currently in Development


OreSense® HME

Prototype currently in development.

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OreSense® OTC

Prototype currently in development.

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OreSense® UAV

Prototype currently in development.

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