Open cut gold mine in Australia


Case study:
Open cut gold mine in Australia

Define the location of high mineralisation

OreSense LV


  • The mine is a gold coal mine, with the zones of mineralization not easily observable by eye.
  • The exact location of high versus low mineralization and waste is critical for the profitability of the mine, getting the ore boundary wrong can mean either high grade ore is sent to waste dumps, or unprofitable ore is sent to the plant, increasing cash costs per ounce.
  • The way that the mine geologists currently manage this challenge is to map out mineralization zones based on the geological model and some observable visual ques.


  • By using OreSense® LV, the mine geologists can support their existing expertise and knowledge without disrupting their current workflows.
  • The OreSense® LV platform provides a system that can give them confidence that the high grade, low grade, and waste boundaries are marked out in the right spot every time.


  • The mine planners can create the short-term production schedule, with confidence, knowing that high grade ore will make to the plant every time, providing a critical material flow for plant optimisation.
  • At the same time the mine manager has confidence that no high-grade ore is being misallocated to waste dumps.
  • Overall, mine can reduce process variance, increase compliance to plan, and reduce their cash costs per ounce.