Predict key characteristics of coal + differentiate coal from non-coal areas

Coal quality encountered during mining can vary significantly from the characteristics forecast in the geological model. These variations or inaccuracies in the geological model can present both financial risks and opportunities for mining operations.

Plotlogic delivers highly accurate coal characteristics in real time, enabling greater coal recovery, and enhancing the resource model.

  • Predicts key characteristics, including variation in % Ash, % Volatile Matter, and % Sulfur
  • Reconciles observed coal characteristics, insitu, with the underlying geological model
  • Informs future geological model enhancements
  • Differentiates coal, from ‘non-coal’ boundaries, such as the presences of siltstones, mudstones, carbonaceous shales, and tuffs.



Benefits to coal mines

  • Improved geological and mine plan certainty for mine optimisation
  • Reduced errors through real-time performance to plan monitoring.
  • Improved mine yield and coal recovery and Coal Handling and Processing Plant (CHPP) efficiency
  • Improved shipping, logistics, and product value creation through more accurate forecasting.

Plotlogic helps identifies exactly where the coal is, and where it is not, irrespective of the complexity of the geology.

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